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Moon Jae-Sin (Yoo Ah-In) is a guy with troubles at Sungkyunkwan. Jae Joong always support micky by sending him encourage message. The other cast already know, when there is people scream, they know, micky was here!

An impulsive person, Moon Jae-Sin tends to act before thinking. He attempts to protect her, while wanting to spend the rest of his life with her ... wonder why it didn't get to the top on they survey. The story is really good and it's not boring, there's no repetition on attempts to kill some or so like the usual period dramas w/c are all about revenge. i dont usually watch like alot of k drama and dont wanto cause then I would turn to my surfer(surfing internet) addict mood and its frustrating...thats wat i did when I was in luv with this is my new fav. ssarena is definitely right,, If it's true that they are disband it doesn't mean that they're not friends or what so ever..right? Maybe Changmin and Yunho still support them by watching his drama.?

I am watching this now after seeing "Descendants of the Sun" and "City Hunter". Truly deserved an international recognition, Korea's pride!! Felt like i was also one of the scholars cause i love to hear their philosophies in class!! This also made my brain working because of their case analysis: simple and practical... From beginning to end the storyline was great and the pace was good--it held my attention all the way through. ;p Adding up the music and romance, to make it more enjoyable.... Their roles here have a great impact on me, can't forget it till now...;p .... ] Gu Yong Ha actually didn't develop any kind of romance feeling toward daemul, ^_^ I'm upset that until the end of the day, the never explained or at least give us hints about what happened with Yeorim&Geol Oh 10years ago. He gave a performance to be remembered and made you want more. anyway kim min seo performance was so impressive i googled for her information. with the twist of "cinderella" or "romeo-juliet" concept… the first 2 episodes caught my interest and the following each have something good to look forward to... as the story progresses, its kinda fun seeing the characters not being "on the same page" which created more confusion... i really hate it because i want more making vids... This is a great period drama - full of life and the intricacies that would make this fun and intriguing to watch as the plot unfolds. I like how all the characters are really into their role.

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Al final, ella ha decidido dejar el programa y centrarse en la actuación"; de Kim Jong Kook no se dieron razones.

También se llegó a decir que Kang Ho Dong se uniría al programa.

Running Man es un programa de variedades coreano del canal SBS, el cual se transmite cada domingo.

Fue emitido por primera vez el 11 de Julio de 2010; se clasifica en el género de "Gran actuación urbanística", un género no visto con anterioridad en los programas de televisión coreana.

I'm now on episode 2 and i am so teary-eyed during the parting scene from her family.. It wasn't weighted down with unnecessary torture scenes (none at all), not too romantic (just enough), with lots of humor and the perfect amount of tension and drama to keep the story moving. I can't say enough about how great this show is and I will recommend it to all my friends. I was only looking for their life size pictures in Korean Folk Village, to take pictures with them.... I'm so into their bromance, it's the cutest relationship in this drama, for me the first drama that every single episodes didn't make me feel bored, instead I keep wanting more and more because of curiousity! Your appearance, in the drama,acting everything is Marvelous.. Kim Yun-Hee that foolish pumpkin is totally insane to reject you.if your real life nature and habits were same as the Moon Jae-Sin ... Wow,this drama is so nice cos it has a way of relieving one of But please, can u kindly make available the second season(episodes 8-the end) here in Nigeria. The Best time of my life is somewhere with them, in the Sungkyunkwan campus, studying, fighting, unveiling mysteries, building friendship and love! They never left my heart and are living there to this day. I think this drama is worth a watch but I just can't really enjoy it. I love the expressions on his face and especially his smile. nw i have to be like this scandal drama, watching every episode and waiting for her scenes.. she giving her lingerie to yoon hee and looking so abash when yoon hee open the undergarment up..

i will be continuously following k-dramas, because they not only entertain but they also inspire. This is the first korean drama that i have experienced the painful of 2nd lead syndrom for love story lol.. His chemistry with Song jung ki is no joke, no wonder they are win for the best couple award haha I actually can't get over with this drama. his lines make me burst into laughter and makes me remember what I want to be.i loveeeee you yoochun oppaaaaaaa!!!!! This is the drama where great actors/actress in SKorea came from!! I love the story: Interesting, Inspiring and Entertaining!! I know I will be repeatedly watching it for years to come. " THANK YOU to everyone involved in this show for all your obvious good work!! nice drama ^^ and bunch of handsome folks helping too LOL Love Jalgeum Quartet! The casts and plot was good but the main female lead really ticked me off. I loved seeing Song Joong-ki’s smile and twinkle in his eyes as he played his role. Yoo Ah-in also had a very enjoyable character to watch. she unable to hide her cheering happiness at the archery competition.. Micky Yoochun Park Min-Young Song Jong-Ki Yu Ah-In . I love you and guess what i didnt sleep for two nights to watch all the 16 episodes though some dont have english subbed, luckily there are also some synopsis along, cant wait to know the end of the stories, or get the novel for a reading. so sad cuz malaysia (via kbsworld) juz reach episode 4.

The chemistry and rapport among the cast is fine Belgium chocolate good. There is an aura about the way he carries himself as monarch of the tale that makes one stop, rewind, and watch him do it again. He exudes kingly authority like it is his birthright. KKS, LJY, KKK, KMK, JMG and ANS all complement the production so well, and are always men that I’d see around.

The casting agent to this series should have gotten double Emmys for the second tier, the well-versed thespians of the “upper house”. In stark contrast to YAI’s own young, often-foiled monarch of JOJ, CSH walks in and owns that role. For better or for worse – when is Lee Jae-Yong ever behaving?? If someone from these productions ever read feedback in a public forum, I would certainly say this for Mr.

Though I watched this because of Song Joong-ki, I really fell in love with Yoochun and Yoo Ah-in, and Park Min-young is still beautiful disguising herself as man. Jalgeum Quartet fighting in the first time i think park yoo chun acting was so boring, but at the end of this story i think park yoo chun akting was really great.. and yokshi out DOTS star joonki is soooooooooo CUTE HOT AS ALWAYS. To have such a role that can elevate her acting and yet Park Minyoung did not shine. I loved his fight scenes, watching him leap from rooftops, and seeing him look out for Park Min-young’s character. most touching was the scene she returned the love when wrapping the scarf on the injured hand.. I love this drama because of all of you and also that nice story. :) oh i love the movie, sort of bring me back memories of monkey love and attraction during universities days, and how nice there were almost miracles and countable frens around, all actors (aged and young) are so strong in acting and handsome especially yong ha, jaeshin, daemui, micky and insoo..

i think all the actress and actor in here have very good skill in acting. Saranghae oppaaaaaaa and will support you as long as am in love with you! Why does she cry at least once in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE no matter what the problem is? :-) this drama is so student-life, albeit set in sexist Joseon era, but that's just how it was :-) I've had lots of laughs in here, it's so entertaining as long as one can overlook the usual dragging dialogues. He beautiful and handsome, I love the expressions on his face, especially his smile. i think its interesting to put ourselves in those olden days shoes where the woman are willing to wait for the guys to gradually fall in love with them even though they knw their love werent straight?!? but guess the show's been gd to her by the surprise bravery fr in-soo.. I have watched the movie and I must say I was very impressed with the acting and dynamics of the quartet. I love Yoochun in his role as the intelligent and straight guy who was a stickler to the rules until the end although towards the end, he was able to reconcile his principles and his compassion towards the people that he love.

The conniving retainers are in but that is so forgivable. OUTSTANDING execution, excellent direction, and acting! You absolutely recognize the characters, but the showmanship that the Triad – PYC, PYM, and YAI – bring to their respective crafts is incredibly refreshing, believable, and relatable. Walked into Scandal thinking K-Pop or the American Amanda Bines. Eventhough this drama make you think of coffee prince or watsoever,still worth watching it. With four of them gather around and solve another mission for the country. Or they should just cast Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young in another romantic historical drama. amazing.touching and wonderful..i couldn't get off my eyes on my computer..i slept almost every dawn juz to finish the story..i really appreciate the people behind this drama esp.


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