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Within DPP, there have been prompts and stories that have evolved over months and months, filled Google docs with collaboration and creative hot, sticky, yummy sex – people have met partners/lovers via this medium. *Not that is an expectation, a goal or endgame here. Consider the variety of approaches to another person that might be present in a room of 100 people.

Now consider approaching a stranger based on their somewhat self-aware and candid prompt inviting you into the world they would like to create, the experience they want to explore. (Well, maybe you are, but you are shooting naked and your ammunition ain’t bullets.) Trust me when I tell you, I now get the appeal of MPG/RPG on a whole new level.

Smart people make the best partners, and the freaks and geeks that populate Reddit are my people. I’ve been very lucky – I’ve only experienced that a few times, both with women who were tipping their toes into conversations about sex with a faceless stranger. I understand that – boundaries are critical to this type of connection.

And like everything, DPP is never just about one thing. One partner was struggling with the miscarriage of his second child.

A few female partners are curious about sex with women, how friendship might evolve into something else.

I’ve read things that cause me to marvel at the ability of a perfect stranger to peer inside my psyche and pluck the most basic truth about who I am.

Really and truly, it has offered me breathtaking moments of honesty.

It’s 2 in the morning, I just had an orgasm, logged out of a chat window, and I’m going to sleep. He gets placed in my mental Rolodex with as much detail as I could gather: 44, unmarried male from the west coast, gentle caring Dominant who likes to care for and encourage young women.

“Charles” and I built a long, long story about a good girl who wants to tell her darkest secrets. Enjoys issuing challenges to me and offers some dirty, dirty requests. One of the fastest growing and most heavily trafficked adult sections of Reddit, is an interpersonal writing with a focus on detailed prompts.

Sometimes I share two truths and a lie, feeling like the calculated risk of disclosing small details is worth the connection I want.

I’ve told strangers the deepest truths about myself in that space.

It wasn't very long before I found Dirty Pen Pals, populated by all types of people with all kinds of sexual kinks and desires just waiting to be rolled out for me.


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